High Res Images: 27 Botanical Artworks From L'illustration Horticole Journal Special Des Serres Et Des Jardins

Artist/Collection: Jean Jules Linden
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High Res Images: 27 Botanical Artworks From L'illustration Horticole Journal Special Des Serres Et Des Jardins

Accurate, high resolution scans of 27 antique botanical prints from L'illustration Horticole.

Images are 300ppi and will be sent to you by file transfer, usually within 1 working day.

The antique artworks measured ~7 x 10.5 inches (17.5 x 26cm), were in excellent condition and were made in the 1890s by lithography by some of the best botanical artists of the day, such as Goosens, De Pannemaeker and Stroobant.


Royalty free.
Save money - print accurate copies of beautiful antique prints for a fraction of their cost.
Study them before investing in the original prints.
Illustrate educational projects.
Use them to create art, greeting cards, calendars, posters, clip art etc.


Scans are of the original antique prints and are exactly same dimensions.
Scans are saved as lossless bitmap or Tif files so all detail is retained (unlike jpg files).
Prints were scanned and saved at 300ppi. Each image file is several megabytes large.
Contact us before purchase for permission to use them commercially.
Much more detailed and higher quality than the images on this web site. When printed on a typical ink jet printer they are a very close match to the original antique prints.
Returns and refunds are not permitted.

Contents List

Horn of Plenty, Datura Cornucopia (source of psychotropic drug atropine).
Orchid, Cyprideum x. Yvonnae.
Greenhouse of Grapes (b/w).
Sacred Lotus, Nelumbium Speciosum, Egypt.
Climbing Lily,Methonica (gloriosa) Superba.
Topiary (b/w), Asparagus comorensis.
Canna Hybrida.
Bougainvillea spectabilis.
Purple Bell Vine, Rodochiton volubile, Mexico.
Sky Flower, Thunbergia grandiflora, India.
Red Riding Hood vine, Dipladenia atropurpurea, Brazil.
Begonia faureana, Brazil.
Orchid, Dendobrium nobile.
Cyclamen a Grande Fleurs.
Brownea ariza.
Gloxinia grandiflora.
Twelve Apostles Lily,Marica northiana, Brazil.
Gloxinia grandiflora.
Anthurium salmoneum.
Heliconia aureo-striata (b/w).
Begonia faureana var metallica, Brazil.
Maiden Hair fern, Adiantum lineatum.
Begonia tubereux.
Tree fern Hemitelia lindeni, Bolivia.
Caladium lilluputiense.
Philodendron devansayeanum.

Date Made 1849-1899
Paper Size
Main Color Multicolored
Size Category 21 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches)