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Natural History of Animals by Hanselmann
Large antique lithographs of animals in natural scenery

Nautilus, Octopus, Squid -
17.5 x 13.5 inches (45 x 34cm)
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Antique print: picture of Nautilus, Octopus, Squid -

Nautilus, Octopus, Squid from Natural History of Animals by Hanselmann. Genuine antique print. Fast delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.[#10309]



This large and wonderful antique lithograph is from a rare volume of prints of animals by Emil Hanselmann of Stuttgart in Germany and was published in about 1870. The original hand coloring and detail is superb.

Antique prints by Hanselmann are rare and sought after due to their large size and lovely coloring. The coloring of the print is much better looking than it appears in the above scan - it is brighter and has more depth.


Circa 1870

Print method

Lithograph with original hand coloring. Imagine how long it took to hand color a lithograph as intricate and large as this!

Lithography was accidentally discovered by a young actor who, in order to save spending too much on copper engraving plates, tried to print using a smooth limestone he took from a street in Munich. He had stumbled upon a marvelous printing technique which was soon being used by famous artists such as Goya, and later Manet and Degas.

Lithography has always been surrounded by a certain mystique. Partly this is due to the fact that even today the complexities of the chemical reactions have yet to be fully understood, but mainly it is because the workshops veiled their methods in secrecy.


Large folio ~ 17½ by 13 ½ inches (45 by 34cm). This is a fold out print so there is an unobtrusive crease down the centre as is often seen in large antique maps. The border around the image is slightly bigger than shown in the scan above as the print was larger than the scanner.


Excellent. The colors are somewhat richer than shown in the image above, and the paper is a delicate light creamy white.

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