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Zoology by George Shaw
Each engraving is about 200 years old

Leaf Mantis - Mantis strumaria
~9 x 6 inches (23 x 15 cm)
$50.00 - Order #11714

Antique print: picture of Leaf Mantis - Mantis strumaria

Leaf Mantis from Zoology by George Shaw. Genuine antique print. Fast delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.[#11714]



This antique engraving is over 200 years old. It's is from the first edition of one of George Shaw's works on zoology, published between 1801 and 1804.

George Shaw (1751-1813) was a notable English botanist and zoologist. Shaw was a initially a medical practitioner. He became the assistant lecturer in botany at Oxford University and keeper of the natural history department at the British Museum. He was a co-founder of the Linnean Society was a fellow of the Royal Society. He is also well known these days for the colored prints of animals he published in the Naturalists Miscellany with Mr. Nodder.

Print method

Copper plate engraving. The colored ones have hand painted water coloring.


Very good condition.


Approximately 9 by 6 inches (23 by 15 cm)

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