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Magazine of Botany by Paxton
Hand colored antique prints dating from the 1830s

Violet Clematis - Clematis Coerulea
~9.5 x 6 inches (22.5 x 16cm)
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Antique print: picture of Violet Clematis - Clematis Coerulea

Violet Clematis from Magazine of Botany by Paxton. Genuine antique print. Fast delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.[#14870]



Sir Joseph Paxton was a hugely talented man. He started as an assistant gardener with no education & rose to become the head gardener to the Duke of Devonshire. His design of the conservatory at Chatsworth House served as a model for his design of the Crystal Palace for the London Exhibition of 1851. Incredibly, he designed this giant, intricate building in less than 9 days on a piece of blotting paper. The man must have been a genius!

These days he is best remembered for his very high quality botanical periodicals such as “Paxton’s Magazine of Botany” which was published in 16 vols from 1834-49.

Paxton’s prints tend to be harder to find and more expensive than other 19 th century botanicals. If you look in galleries in cities such as London you will often see similar prints by Paxton for sale for many hundreds of US $.


1830s. This is an original ~170 year old antique print, not a reproduction.


Paxton’s Magazine of Botany

Print method

Hand colored lithograph. Print on one side, blank on the reverse.


Very good condition. The colors are fresh and bright.


9½ by 6 inches (22.5 by 16 cm)
The double sized prints measure 12 by 9½ inches (31 by 22.5 cm) and have fold lines which is customary in larger antique prints and maps. Double sized ones say "double sized" in our text box above the picture of the print. If it doesn't say that it means the print is a normal single sized one.

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