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Roses, Fruit and Flowers by Redoute
Vintage pictures of roses, fruit and flowers by Redoute

Pink Rose (Rosa alba regalis) -
~16 x 11.75 inches (41 x 30 cm)
$50.00 - Order #15286

Antique print: picture of Pink Rose (Rosa alba regalis) -

Pink Rose (Rosa alba regalis) from Roses, Fruit and Flowers by Redoute. Genuine antique print. Fast delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.[#15286]



Redouté is regarded as the greatest botanical artist. He was born in 1759 in Liege. He started work in Paris in 1782, designing stage scenery and painting cathedrals. The botanist Charles-Louis L'Heritier recognised Redouté's genius and gave him much encouragement as well as teaching him plant anatomy. Redouté's career as a botanical artist quickly flourished. Under the empress Josephine Bonaparte's patronage, Redouté produced some of the greatest botanical art, such as "Les Roses" and "Choix des Plus Belles Fleurs”. He perfected the art of stipple engraving. This labor intensive, expensive technique created stunning variations of color. Redouté developed his own special version of stipple engraving in which he added all the colors at once to the engraved copper printing plate.


This lithograph was made in the 1950s.

Print method

Lithograph printed by litho-offset on thick paper. Blank on reverse. The paper is a light creamy white, less bright white than it appears in the above scan.


Excellent condition.


16 by 11¾ inches (41 by 30 cm)

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