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Stately Homes of Britain and Ireland
Antique prints of the seats of noblemen and gentlemen

Helmingham Hall: Baron Tollemache - Suffolk - Queen Elizabeth I was entertained here in 1561
~10.5 x 8 inches (27 x 20.5cm)
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Antique print: picture of Helmingham Hall: Baron Tollemache - Suffolk - Queen Elizabeth I was entertained here in 1561

Helmingham Hall: Baron Tollemache from Stately Homes of Britain and Ireland. Genuine antique print. Fast delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.[#15762]



This is an original antique print from the 1880s (i.e. it is more than 125 years old) of a stately home. It was made as set of prints the The Reverend Frances Orpen Morris, who dedicated them to The Queen.

The Reverend Frances Orpen Morris was well known for his passion for natural history and the British countryside.



Print method

Lithograph with excellent coloring, printed on stiff paper. Blank on reverse.

Lithography was accidentally discovered by a young actor who, in order to save spending too much on copper engraving plates, tried to print using a smooth limestone he took from a street in Munich. He had stumbled upon a marvelous printing technique which was soon being used by famous artists such as Goya, and later Manet and Degas.

Lithographs were made by applying one of the colors to a stone printing block, then printing it on the paper. The next color in the picture would then be printed in the same fashion, and so on. Hence, colorful lithographs such as these could require as many as twelve different printing stones for the different colors, and very careful alignment of the printing stones with the paper.


Excellent condition.


10½ by 8 inches (27 by 20.5 cm).

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