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Vintage Sports by Alken,Turner and Pollard
Vintage Pictures of Traditional Sports

Horse racing - The High Mettled Racer by Henry Alken -
~16 x 12 inches (41 x 30cm)
$55.00 - Order #21087

Antique print: picture of Horse racing - The High Mettled Racer  by Henry Alken -

Horse racing - The High Mettled Racer by Henry Alken from Vintage Sports by Alken,Turner and Pollard. Genuine antique print. Fast delivery. Satisfaction guaranteed.[#21087]



The English sporting print has long been one of the most popular types of antique print.

Some of the best known artist and engravers of this style were Henry Alken, F.C Turner and Robert Pollard and George Stubbs.

Henry Alken (1784-1854) is famous for his ability to capture the movement, excitement and humour in sporting scenes. He loved to show riders leaping over fences and also planted upside down in a stream!

Turner (1795-1846) was a popular artist who specialised in outdoor scenes. His prints of landscapes and animals were finely detailed. His prints of the Aylesbury Steeplechase are of special interest, as that steeplechase was one of the first in England.

Robert Pollard was born in Newcastle in 1755 and traveled to London in 1782 where he founded a publishing house. He made some beautiful aquatints of hunting scene.


Vvintage facsimile made over 60 years ago

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Excellent condition.


16 by 12 inches (41 by 30 cm)

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