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Botanical Prints

Antique botanical prints

Flowers, foliage, ferns and useful plants from around the world

vintage print of apples Flowers by Georg Ehret

Rhododendron by Carlos von Riefel

Flower Portraits

Various notable Botanical artists


Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-1770)

One the greatest botanical artists of all time



Carlos von Riefel
Large vintage lithographs

vintage print of apples Ferns by Edward Lowe

Antique prints by Rhind: pictures of fruit,cannabis,coffee etc

The Fruit of New York

Ebenezer Emmons




Edward Lowe

Timeless and elegant


The Vegetable Kingdom

William Rhind
Includes tropical fruit, tea, coffee,chocolate and cannabis.

Antique prints by Step: pictures of roses,carnations etc Botanical print by Thomas Meehan

Photogravure by Karl Blossfeldt from Urformen der Kunst

Favorite Flowers

Edward Step

Fruit and Flowers


by William Mackenzie

Hand finished lithographs

Karl Blossfeldt

75 year old photogravures revealing art in plant forms

Antique botanical print of apricot

morning glory : antique print  botanical print by Charles Lemaire wild flowers by Mrs Loudon

The Florist and Pomologist


Antique prints of flowers and fruit

Le Jardine Fleuriste


By Charles Lemaire

Wild flowers


by Mrs Jane Loudon

Paxton's Magazine of Botany

Hibiscus flower picture - antique print by Paxton L'Illustration Horticole

Joseph Paxton's Magazine of Botany


The Flower Garden Displayed


Joseph Paxton

L’Illustration Horticole


Jean & Lucien Linden

Botanical print by Thomas Meehan

antique prints by hibberd: pictures of begonias,bananas,orchids Antique print: picture of flower by Curtis

The Native Flowers and Ferns of North America


Thomas Meehan

Beautiful Leaved Plants

Shirley Hibberd
Stunning tropical leaves

William Curtis's Botanical Magazine

From 1790s-1890s.

From the famous botanical journal

opium and other poppies   - antique botanical print by Anne Pratt

grapes by carlos von riefel

Tropical leaves

Wild Flowers by Ann Pratt


Fruit by Carlos von Riefel

Large lithogpraphs of apples, pears, cherries, and more

Tropical leaves by Edward Lowe

Stylish and timeless

Tulips: botanical art from Flora Magnifica by Paul Jones

Roses by Redouté Orchid picture - antique print by Wright

Flora Magnifica

Paul Jones
Liimited edition, large prints

Roses by Redouté


Large pictures of roses.

Fruit and Flowers by Redoute

Peach Tree flower picture - antique print by Wright

Engraving of flowers by J. Sowerby, over 200 years old Engraving of flowers by J. Sowerby, over 200 years old

Decorative Flowers by John Wright


Wild Flowers by Sowerby


Hand colored engravings by one of the finest botanical artists

Camellias by Paul Jones


pineapple : antique print : from Le Spectacle de la Nature by the Abbe Pluche Antique prints by Van Houtte Antique print from kirks forest fauna: picture of forest trees

Spectacle de la Nature

Abbe Pluche


William Daniell


Interesting animals, plants and places

Kirk's Forest Flora of New Zealand

Large antique lithographs from 1889

roses,harrow and fern : antique print : antique print of plants used in medicine Poppy flowers - antique print by Keese  : antique print of fern by James Britten

Flora Medica


Wild plants and flowers with medicinal properties

American Flowers and Fruit

By John Keese


Ferns by James Britten


Antique prints of ferns, many in natural settings

Begonia from Dictionnaire D'Histoire Naturelle

The Vegetable World by Charlotte Yonge

water lily : antique print : antique botancial print from Pantologia

Dictionnaire D'Histoire Naturelle


Charles D'Orbigny

The Vegetable World by Charlotte Yonge


Very rare hand finished lithographs

John Good's Pantologia

Early 1800s

Hand colored botanical engravings

antique botanical print by smith-exotic-botany - picture of flower Antique prints by Wooster: alpine flowers, daffodils etc Print of Primroses (Auriculas) by Rory McEwen

Exotic Botany by James Smith


Alpine Flowers


David Wooster

Primroses (Auriculas)

Rory McEwen

Rare, large lithographs in excellent condition. Great value.

Antique prints by Van Houtte Custard apple

Ferns by Edward Lowe

Flora of the Glass Houses & Gardens of Europe

Louis Van Houtte


Ad Orientem


Lithographs from a voyage around the world. Includes some tropical fruit

Wild Grass by Edwards Lowe


Antique print: picture ofcactus Horto Van Houtteano Floricultural Cabinet by Harrison

Assorted botanical prints

By Van Houtte, Curtis etc.

Horto Van Houtteano


Louis Van Houtte

Floricultural Cabinet by Harrison

  Lake Eyrie: Antique print by Ernst Heyn  

Ernst Heyn