Bas-relief Details from the Temple Medynet-Abou

Artist/Collection: Description de l'Egypte, Napoleon
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Bas-relief Details from the Temple Medynet-Abou

71 x 54 cm (28 x 21 inches).
Thebes, Medynet-Abou
Bas-Relief Sculpte Sur La Face Exterieure Du Palais Exposee Au Nord. Bas-Relief De La Galerie-Sud Du Peristyle Du Palais. Fragmens Trouves Sous Le Premier Pylone Propylees Du Temple

Date: The first volumes of engravings were presented to Napoleon in 1808.
Condition: Excellent. A few foxing dots.
This stunning engraving is from "Description de l'Egypte" which contained the largest engravings ever made. In 1798 Napoleon commissioned a vast expedition of the finest scholars,scientists and artists to accompany his army on his campaign to conquer Egypt. Their mission was to study all aspects of Egypt and document their findings, which resulted in 16 massive volumes. The beauty of engravings, and their very large size makes Description de l'Égypte an exceptional work.

In 2016, Sothebys of London sold a full set of Description de l'Egypte for GBP 320,750 (US $442,000). Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of these rare, beautiful and important antique engravings.

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Date Made 1800-1849
Paper Size 71 x 54 cm (28 x 21 inches)
Shape Portrait
Main Color Black + White
Size Category > 51cm (> 20 inches)