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Black Parrot And Mascarin Parrots

Antique print. Black Parrot and Mascarin Parrots
Black Parrot And Mascarin Parrots

25 x 15 cm (10 x 6 inches).
Le Vasa ou Perroquet noir. Le Mascarin

The Mascarin or Mascarene parrot (Mascarinus mascarin) is, sadly, an extinct species of parrot that was only found on Mascarene island of Réunion in the western Indian Ocean.The Vasa parrot is found in Madagascar.

This antique lithograph was made in 1833 in Brussels for Daubenton and Buffon's epic natural history work.
It has original, hand painted colouring which is absolutely superb (on a par with the finest we've seen). The range of colours and precise brush strokes are entrancing. The lithograph is on one side, the other side is blank. The paper has a lovely aged, creamy white patina with some faint scattered foxing.

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Date Made 1800-1849
Paper Size 25 x 15 cm (10 x 6 inches)
Shape Portrait
Main Color Green
Size Category 21 to 30 cm [8 to 12 inches]