What Is A Blind Stamp ?

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Definition: A blind stamp is a colorless impression that is embossed without ink onto a print.


It is a distinguishing mark for the artist or owner.

Blind stamps are usually quite unobtrusive, although careful inspection may reveal quite a decorative image. They are occasionally seen on the covers and spines of books, especially older ones.

Here are some photographs of blind stamps.

Blind stamp on an antique print by William Paxton. It is an image of an elephant and was likely put there by the owner of the print.


Blind stamp on antique print
Blind stamp on an old book.

Blind stamp on book cover


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3 Comment(s)

Fine Rare Prints:
30/05/2017, 06:00:19 PM, www.finerareprints.com

Hi Sharon, I don't think so. Regrettably we are not proud owners of a drawing by Van Gogh otherwise we'd double check ! Kind regards Fine Rare Prints

Lora Collins:
23/06/2017, 10:41:25 AM

I have an antique print of a beautiful portrait drawing done by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres dated 1816 in Rome. This has the blind stamp on the lower left edge that says “Cercle Librairie Estampes” with the initials “HVN” in the center of a rectangle shape. The top edge has the following words " L'Edition d'Arte. H. Piazza et C.ie Paris. R. Dunthorne, Londres. C an you tell me more about the worth of this print?

Fine Rare Prints:
29/08/2018, 07:36:44 PM

Please check your email. Please go to our page for appraisals under our Customer Service menu, or http://www.finerareprints.com/valuation-of-antique-prints

Robert Munn:
03/08/2017, 02:27:18 AM

I have a Jose Orozco ink copperplate sketch with a blind-stamp that I'm unsure of. I think it is likely the Mexican cooperative known as Taller Grafica" in Mexico City. The stamp on our print looks like a capital T in a circle with the T located on the right side of the circle and what looks like a G that covers the rest inside the circle of the stamp. However both are quite faint, at least in the photos I've taken. Does anyone know what the Taller Grafica blind-stamp looks like? Rob

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