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Get tips on identifying different types of antique prints. Learn they were made. Look up terms in a glossary. Ask questions.

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Definition of a lithograph: A lithograph is an artwork or illustration printed from a stone block on..
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An engraving is a print made using an engraved printing plate In printing, to engrave means to carv..
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Definition: Photogravure printing is a method of printing high quality images using photographic and..
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What is an aquatint? An aquatint is a type of art print. Aquatints are printed from an image etched ..
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An etching is a print that is made using acid to make the recessed lines in a printing plate Etching..
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Definition: A blind stamp is a colorless impression that is embossed without ink onto a print. It is..
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What is Nature Printing ? Definition: Nature printing is an ingenious method of printing pictures of..
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