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Classical To Enlightenment

Classical To Enlightenment

These original antique prints are from the period of western civilization spanning the Classical to Age Of Discovery eras.

The Classical Era is a broad term for a long period of cultural history centered on the Greco-Roman world. It is the period in which Greek and Roman society flourished and wielded great influence throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. This Greco-Roman cultural foundation has been immensely influential on the language, politics, educational systems, philosophy, science, art, and architecture of the modern world. The Classical Era spanned the period from about 800 BC to 600 AD.

Next came The Dark and Middle Ages, then the glorious Age of Discovery (which included The Renaissance, and Enlightnment). The Age of Discovery was a period in which science, exploration and globalisation took great strides... becoming powerful influences across the world.

Antique prints from these eras were very much hand made, high quality, and made in small numbers. They were often shaped by religion, mythology, discovery and science.

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23.0 x 15.0 cm (9.2 x 4.8 inches).FortifiicazioniItaly,RomeThis exquisitely detailed hand finished e..
24 x 15 cm (9.5 x 6 inches).A young woman with moths wings descending with a helmetThis original ant..
20 x 15 cm (7.8 x 6 inches).CeresThis beautiful antique print of a statue was made in 1723 by Simon ..
20 x 15 cm (7.8 x 6 inches).Ceres ou l'esteCeres, the Roman goddess of harvests and corn, is seated ..
20 x 15 cm (7.8 x 6 inches).MercureThis beautiful antique print of a statue was made in 1723 by Simo..
20 x 15 cm (7.8 x 6 inches).Mercure et ArgusThis beautiful antique print of a statue was made in 172..