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David Seth-Smith

David Seth Smith (1875 - 1963) published a work on parrots and parakeets which was one of the last fine bird books illustrated with hand-coloring, and was published in 1903. His prints were lithographs and had excellent original hand coloring. The artists who drew the illustrations included some of the finest bird artists, such as F.W. Frohawk, H. Goodchild, Henrik Grönvold, and W.E. Renaut. The lithographs were printed by Mintern Brothers (famous for printing many of John Gould's bird prints) and Bale and Danielsson, and then colored by hand.

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25.5 x 16 cm (10 x 6.3 inches).Conurus patagonicusUruguay, ArgentinaThis original antique lithograph..
25.5 x 16 cm (10 x 6.3 inches).Palaeornis caniceps and nicobaricaNicobar IslandsThis original antiqu..
25.5 x 16 cm (10 x 6.3 inches).Pyrrhura leucotis and perlataBrazilThis original antique lithograph w..
25.5 x 16 cm (10 x 6.3 inches).Brotogerys virescens and tuiAmazonia, Brazil, ColombiaThis original a..