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Day And Night

Antique print. Day and Night
Day And Night

38.8 x 27.8 cm (14.5 x 10.9 inches)
The Seasons

This detailed colour chart by George Franklin Cram was published in the 1890's in New York. Detailing the earth's orbit around the sun and the effect of the moon on tides. It is a genuine antique, not a reproduction and is in very good condition.
This is a lithograph, on medium weight paper with a map on one side and another chart of the annual revolutions of the earth around the sun on the reverse. Either side can be mounted and framed. Please see the additional images. The paper is a creamy tone.

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Date Made 1849-1899
Paper Size 38.8 x 27.8 cm (14.5 x 10.9 inches)
Shape Landscape
Main Color Blue
Size Category 31 to 40 cm [12 to 16 inches]