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Cone Shells, Conch Shells, Wentletrap Shell

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Antique print: Cone Shells, Conch Shells, Wentletrap Shell
Cone Shells, Conch Shells, Wentletrap Shell

Cone Shells, Conch Shells, Wentletrap Shell

45 x 34 cm (17.5 x 13.5 inches)
Marbled Cone (Conus marmoreus), Olive Snail (Oliva maura), Music Volute Shell (Voluta musica), Crowned Baler Shell (Cymbium aethiopicum), Papal Mitre Shell (Mitra paplis), Episcopal Mitre Shell (Mitra episcopalis), Chocolate Cowrie Shell (Cypraea mauritiana), Common Egg Cowrie Shell (Ovula oviformis), Diana Conch Shell (Strombus auris Dianae), Fighting Conch Shell (Strombus pugilis), Precious Wentletrap Shell (Scalaria pretiosa), Common Creeper Shell (Cerithium vertagus), Babylon Turrid Shell (Pleurotoma babylonica), Lettered Cone Shell (Conus literatus), Short-beaked Spindle Shell (Rostellaria curvirostris)

This large antique lithograph is by Emil Hanselmann of Stuttgart in Germany and was made in about 1870. The original hand coloring and detail is superb. Antique prints by Hanselmann are rare and sought after due to their large size and lovely coloring. The condition is good with some wear on the centre fold, the paper is light creamy white. This is a fold out print so there is an unobtrusive crease down the centre as is often seen in large antique maps.

Date Made1850-1899
Paper Size45 x 34 cm (17.5 x 13.5 inches)
Main ColorMulticolored
Size Category41 to 50 cm [16 to 20 inches]