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Heraldry 6: Dragon, Unicorn, Horse etc

Antique print. Heraldry 6: Dragon, Unicorn, Horse etc
Heraldry 6: Dragon, Unicorn, Horse etc
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  • Artist / Collection: Thomas Jack
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30.5 x 23.3cm (12 x 9 inches).
Eagle, Dragon, Dog Head, Wolf Head, Dragon, Unicorn, Horse, Crown, Bull, Dog, Boar Head and Hare

This antique engraving of heraldry was made in the 1840s by Thomas Jack. Heraldry is a system of visual identification - think of it as an early form of branding ! Noble families wanted everyone to know how important they were. As most people could not read, heraldry was the perfect way for the nobility to brag. Every symbol in heraldry design has meaning.
This is a genuine antique print, not a reproduction and is in excellent condition.
Decorate your home or office in a noble fashion !

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Date Made 1849-1899
Paper Size 30.5 x 23.3cm (12 x 9 inches)
Shape Portrait
Main Color Black/White
Size Category 21 to 30 cm [8 to 12 inches]
Tags: heraldry , eagle , wolf , dragon , unicorn , horse , crown , bull , dog , boar , hare