Antique print. High Res Images: 20 Parrots By David Seth-Smith

High Res Images: 20 Parrots By David Seth-Smith

Artist/Collection: David Seth-Smith
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High Res Images: 20 Parrots By David Seth-Smith

Accurate, high resolution scans of 20 antique pictures of parrots.

Images are 300ppi and will be sent to you by file transfer, usually within 1 working day.

The scans were made from hand colored antique lithographs.
They were in excellent condition and were ~10 x 6.3 inches (25.5 cm x 16 cm). David Seth-Smith's work on parakeets was one of the last fine bird books illustrated with hand-coloring, and was published in 1903. The illustrations were by some of the best bird artists, such as Frohawk, Goodchild, Gronvold, and Renaut. The lithographs were made by Mintern Brothers (famous for printing many of John Gould's bird prints).


Royalty free.
Save money - print accurate copies of beautiful antique prints for a fraction of their cost.
Study them before investing in the original prints.
Illustrate educational projects.
Use them to create art, greeting cards, calendars, posters, clip art etc.


Scans are of the original antique prints and are exactly same dimensions.
Scans are saved as lossless bitmap or Tif files so all detail is retained (unlike jpg files).
Prints were scanned and saved at 300ppi. Each image file is several megabytes large.
Contact us before purchase for permission to use them commercially.
Much more detailed and higher quality than the images on this web site. When printed on a typical ink jet printer they are a very close match to the original antique prints.
Returns and refunds are not permitted.


Contents List

Red Collared & Foster's Lorikeets - Trichoglossus rubritorques & forsteni - Australia & Indonesia.
Perfect & Musk Lorikeets - Trichoglossus ornatus - Indonesia Celebes & Togian Isles).
Ornate Lorikeet - Glossopsittacus concinnus & Psitteuteles euteles - Australia, Timore, Bali etc.
Red Headed & Black Headed Conures - Conurus rubrolarvatus & nenday - Paraguay & Colombia.
Brown Throated & Cactus Conures - Conurus aeruginosus & cactorum - Brazil.
Lesser Patagonian Conure - Conurus patagonicus - Uruguay & Argentina.
White Eared & Pearly Conure - Pyrrhura leucotis & perlata - Brazil.
White Winged & Tui Parakeets - Brotogerys virescens & tui - Amazonia, Brazil & Colombia.
Nicobar & Blythe's Nicobar Parakeets - Palaeornis caniceps & nicobarica - Nicobar Islands.
Barraband's Parakeet - Polytelis barrab&i - Australia.
Golden Backed & Sclater's Hanging Parakeets - Loriculus sclateri & chrysonotus - Sula Islands & Phillipines.
Yellow Rumped & Pennant's Parakeets - Platycercus elegans & flaveolus - Australia.
Brown's Parakeet - Platycercus browni - Australia.
Barnard's & Bauer's Parakeets - Barnardius barnardi & zonarius - Australia.
Yellow & Red Vented Blue Bonnets - Psephotus xanthorrhous & haematorrhous - Australia.
Golden Shouldered Parakeet - Psephotus chrysopterygius - Australia.
Many Coloured Parakeet - Psephotus multicolor - Australia.
Splendid & Turquoisine Parakeets - Neophema pulchella & splendida - Australia.
Golden Fronted NZ & Antipodes Island Parakeets - Cyanorhamphus unicolor & auriceps - New Zealand & Antipodes Is..
The Varied Lorikeet - Ptilosclera versicolor - Australia.

Date Made 1900-1949
Paper Size
Main Color Multicolored
Size Category 21 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches)