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High Res Images: 41 Monkeys By J.G.Keulemans

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Antique print. High Res Images: 41 Monkeys By J.G.Keulemans
High Res Images: 41 Monkeys By J.G.Keulemans

High Res Images: 41 Monkeys By J.G.Keulemans

Accurate, high resolution scans of 41 high quality antique pictures of monkeys.

Images are 300ppi and will be sent to you by file transfer, usually within 1 working day.

The antique artworks measured 7.5 by 4.8 inches (19 by 12 cm) and were made in the 1890s by lithography by J.G.Keulemans (who was a famous illustrator of wildlife in Victorian times). The original artworks were in excellent condition.


Royalty free.
Save money - print accurate copies of beautiful antique prints for a fraction of their cost.
Study them before investing in the original prints.
Illustrate educational projects.
Use them to create art, greeting cards, calendars, posters, clip art etc.


Scans are of the original antique prints and are exactly same dimensions.
Scans are saved as lossless bitmap or Tif files so all detail is retained (unlike jpg files).
Prints were scanned and saved at 300ppi. Each image file is several megabytes large.
Contact us before purchase for permission to use them commercially.
Much more detailed and higher quality than the images on this web site. When printed on a typical ink jet printer they are a very close match to the original antique prints.
Returns and refunds are not permitted.

Contents List

1 Aye Aye - Madagascar.
2 Spectral Tarsier - Sumatra, Java, Borneo.
3 Javan Slow Loris - Indonesia.
4 Allen's Galago - Gaboon in West Africa.
5 Black Eared Mouse Lemur - Madagascar.
6 Smith's Dwarf Lemur - Madagascar.
7 Red Ruffed Lemur - Madagascar.
8 Grey Gentle Lemur - Madagascar.
9 White Footed Sportive Lemur - Madagascar.
10 Woolly Avahi - Madagascar.
11 Coquerel's Sifaka - Madagascar.
12 Endrina - Madagascar.
13 White Footed Marmoset - Medellin in Colombia.
14 Geoffroy's Tamarin - Panama.
15 Red Titi - Peruvian Amazons.
16 Red Footed Night Monkey - Argentina.
17 Bald Uakari - Amazonia, Brazil.
18 White Nosed Saki - Amazonia.
19 Red Howler - Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador.
20 Smooth Headed Capuchin - Brazil, Paraguay, Guiana.
21 The Bonnet Capuchin - Brazil.
22 Humboldt's Woolly Monkey - Colombia.
23 Variegated Spider Monkey - Amazonia, Upper Rio Negro.
24 Drill Baboon - West Africa.
25 Celebean Black Baboon - Celebes Archipelago.
26 St John's Macaque - China, Hong Kong.
27 White Crowned Mangabey - West Africa.
28 Green Guenon - West Africa.
29 Bourtourlini's Guenon - NE Africa.
30 Erxeleben's Guenon - West Africa.
31 De Brazza's Guenon - West Africa.
32 Talapoin - West Africa.
33 Bay Guereza - West Africa.
34 White Tailed Guereza - East Africa.
35 Hose's Langur - Borneo.
36 Everett's Langur - Borneo.
37 Proboscis Monkey - Borneo.
38 Siamang Gibbon - Sumatra.
39 Orang-utan - Sumatra, Borneo.
40 Gorilla - Africa.
41 Bald Chimpanzee - Africa.

Date Made1850-1899
Main ColorMulticolored
Size Category11 to 20 cm [4 to 8 inches]