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King Edward I

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King Edward I: Genuine antique print for sale.
King Edward I

39 x 24 cm (15.25 x 9.5 inches)
This antique engraving was created in 1777 in London, England for William Augustus Russel's impressive work about the history of England. His work included famous scenes, portraits of royalty and ships.
It was made by copper plate engraving, has hand painted water colouring and well defined plate marks, is beautifully detailed and is on handmade, chain-linked paper. The engraving is on one side, the other side is blank. The paper has a lovely aged, creamy white patina. The border around the print is a little larger than shown. It is in good condition considering it is over 240 years old.
Edward I (1239 to 1307) was King of England from 1272 to 1307. He embodied the medieval ideal of kingship: soldier, administrator and man of faith. He took part in the Ninth Crusade to the Holy Land. He was tall for the time, hence the nickname Longshanks. His height and temperamental nature made him intimidating. Edward left a mixed legacy. He established Parliament permanently, and improved laws and taxes. However, he was harsh to the Welsh and Scots and expelled Jews from England (an Edict which lasted 350 years).

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Date Made 1700s
Paper Size 39 x 24 cm (15.25 x 9.5 inches)
Shape Portrait
Main Color Multicolored
Size Category 31 to 40 cm [12 to 16 inches]
Tags: King , England