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Robert Sweet

Robert Sweet (1783-1835) was an English botanist and horticulturist.

Sweet worked as a gardener from the age of sixteen. He became foreman or partner in several plant nurseries in London. In 1812 he was elected a fellow of the Linnean Society.

He created beautifully illustrated works on plants cultivated in British gardens and hothouses. His works include Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis, Geraniaceae, Cistineae, Hortus Britannicus, Flora Australasica and British Botany.

Their high quality botanical engravings were drawn and hand coloured by first class Victorian artists. Botanical publications became his main occupation. His works are far rarer than his rivals such as William Curtis and Joseph Paxton.

Here are some of the engravings for you to choose from. They are genuine antiques, made in the period 1825 to 1830.

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24 x 14 cm (5.5 x 9.5 inches)Helianthemum ocymoidesSouthern EuropeThis beautiful hand coloured engra..