Scorpion, Spider, Tarantula

Artist/Collection: Emil Hanselmann
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Scorpion, Spider, Tarantula

45 x 34 cm (17.5 x 13.5 inches)
European Scorpion (Scorpio europaeus), Scorpion (Scorpio roseli), Whip Scorpion (Phrynus reniformis), Whip Scorpion (Thelyphonus caudatus), Sun Spider (Galeodes araneoides), Pink Toe Tarantula (Theraphosa avicularia), Trap-door Spider (Mygale caementaria), Green Huntsman Spider (Micrommata smaragdula), Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus), Tarantula Wolf Spider (Lycosa tarantula), Yellow Sac Spider (Clubiona nutrix), Funnel Weaver Spider (Tegenaria domestica), Diving Bell Spider (Argyroneta aquatica), Garden Orb Spider (Epeira diadema), Longjawed Orbweaver Spider (Tetragnatha extensa), Daddylonglegs Spider (Phalangium opilo), Harvestmen Spider (Phalangium cornutum)

This large antique lithograph is by Emil Hanselmann of Stuttgart in Germany and was made in about 1870. The original hand coloring and detail is superb. Antique prints by Hanselmann are rare and sought after due to their large size and lovely coloring. The condition is good and the paper is light creamy white. This is a fold out print so there is a crease down the centre as is often seen in large antique maps.

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Date Made 1849-1899
Paper Size 45 x 34 cm (17.5 x 13.5 inches)
Shape Landscape
Main Color Green
Size Category 41 to 50 cm (16 to 20 inches)