Antique print. Thorny Oyster Or Artichoke Shells

Thorny Oyster Or Artichoke Shells

Artist/Collection: John Mawe
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Thorny Oyster Or Artichoke Shells

21 x 13cm (8.25 x 5 inches).


This antique lithograph is from the first edition of Conchology by John Mawe, one of the oldest works about shells, dated 1823. This is a genuine antique, not a reproduction. It has hand painted coloring and is in very good condition.
Shell collecting was a popular eighteenth- and nineteenth-century pastime, as it was an era of exploration. Shells from exotic lands were eagerly sought to fill the curiosity cabinets considered indispensable in the well-appointed home. Whilst shell collecting was popular, relatively few prints illustrating shells in color were ever produced. Considering that pictures of shells are popular to this day, it is no surprise that antique prints of shells are scarce, in great demand and likely to become more valuable.

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Date Made 1800-1849
Paper Size 21 x 13cm (8.25 x 5 inches)
Shape Portrait
Main Color Orange
Size Category 21 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches)