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Hand Colouring Of Antique Print

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Hand Colouring Of Antique Print
Hand Colouring Of Antique Print
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Hand Colouring Of Antique Print

Interested in knowing how old your print is, how it was made and its value? We offer an appraisal service for antique prints for US$20 per print. Please don't email information about your prints until you've paid.

What we appraise

We specialize in antique prints made before 1930, although we are happy to appraise prints made up to the 1950s. Have a look at the prints on our site - if yours is similar we should be able to appraise it. We also appraise illustrated antique books.

How we do our appraisal

Our appraisal is based on 20 years experience of dealing in antique prints plus degrees in print making and fine art.

In our appraisals we comment on the main factors we believe affect value: age; condition; popularity of subject; rarity; size; and market conditions.

We will give our opinion of retail and auction values of your print and suggest where you might be able to sell it. If possible, we will give further information, such as details of the artist, age and printing technique used. We are not always able to identify the artist/print maker as over the last several hundred years of printing there have been innumerable people involved in making a huge number of prints, maps and books. While we have seen tens of thousands first hand we have certainly not seen them all!

Here are just a few of the many happy replies we have received to our appraisals:

"Many thanks for the appraisal. It was received just in time for the sale. They all went within the price range suggested by you."

"Thanks you for the fulsome review of my prints".

"Thanks for valuing my old zoology book. I was delighted with the detailed appraisal and also to find out it was worth so much".

What next?

Press the yellow Add to Cart button. If you need more than one appraised, add as many appraisals as you need to your cart. Then checkout and pay.

After that you will be given instructions about sending us information about your prints. We will send you the appraisal by email in about 3-7 working days. Please don't send us information about your prints until you've paid. We delete those emails, otherwise we would spend our entire day reviewing prints for free!